(October schedule)

     Columba constellation is winter constellation and it is in best position on the sky for evening observing in February when it culminates very low on the southern sky. However it climbs barely above horizon and that makes it difficult any observing of its celestial objects. Also the fact that it is in best position for evening observing in the middle of the winter when most of us want to stay home makes this constellation inattractive. 
     in January evenings it is rising on the southeastern horizon and is not in good position for evening observing (is coming in good position later in the evening - 22.00 pm), in February culminates very low over the southern horizon and it is in best position for evening observing and in March it already sets behind the southwestern horizon.
     In October it culminates on the southern sky around 5 am and maybe this month is the best time to observe this constellation when the nights are still warm enough. As mentioned above, during the evening can be observed in January and February.

Double and multiple stars

Deep sky objects
(will be observed only from dark location outside of the city)