(May, June schedule)

     Virgo constellation is spring constellation and it is in best position for evening observing in May when it is high on the southern sky. We will observe it in May and also in June when it is on the southwestern sky. 

Double and multiple stars

     Gamma Virginis - Its name is Porrima. It is a binary star system. Its combined visual magnitude on the sky is 2.9. The visual magnitudes of the components are almost the same 3.6 and 3.6. They are identical main sequence stars - white dwarfs with slightly bigger mass and radius and surface temperature than our Sun. Their orbital period is about 170 years. Their separation is very small, but is widening every year since around 2005. The age of the stars is about 1 billion years. Their distance is about 40 light years from the Earth.  

Deep sky objects
(will be observed only from dark location outside of the city)

     M46 - It