You can connect with me on facebook if you want where I am also planning to place a lot of important information about my activities connected with Sky Observing,  information about the upcoming observing events, and also information about which objects will be in good position for observing on the sky in the coming weeks and months and so on. Also on facebook will be announced if there are any spots left for the upcoming events, so you can act fast. However, please note that ALL necessary information and details about Sky Observing, its activities and the observing events can be found on the Sky Observing website.
               Also we can use facebook for less formal communication, about everything connected with the activities of the Sky Observing and its events and also about everything connected with the astronomy. Also here you can post your questions, comments, reviews, experiences, ideas and suggestions.
               For link to my facebook page click HERE. The facebook page will open in a new window or tab. Also do not forget to tell all your friends about Sky Observing and to recommend it.
               I would suggest to everyone not to post links to other websites on my facebook page, as links can be used for redirecting and connecting to websites containing viruses. Do not click on any post on my facebook site which contain link to other websites, regardless from whoever it is posted. It can lead you to website which contain viruses. Also do not click on any link which will be shared from anyone to you and which suggest that the link is recommended by Sky Observing to you to open it. It can connect you to a website which contains viruses. I will never post on my facebook page any link or recommend any link to be shared with you and your friends to click on it and open it.
               However, you can share with your friends on facebook any posts and information placed on my facebook page which do not contain links, posted by me or somebody else. Especially you can share the announcements when there are still free spots left for the upcoming observing events, so somebody who wants to attend can do so.