Sky Observing offers telescope mirrors and complete telescopes for amateur astronomers. Yes, now you can have large telescope in your backyard to observe the celestial wonders. What was impossible even to dream about twenty years ago now is reality.

          The telescope mirrors are Newtonian paraboloidal type mirrors which can be used in Newtonian reflector type telescopes (named after its inventor Sir Isaac Newton), by far the most popular type of telescope used among amateur astronomers. If you are planning to build a telescope by yourself than consider the mirrors that Sky Observing offers.
The mirrors are made and tested by me and the glass is Supremax33 low expansion glass (identical with Pyrex low expansion glass), fine annealed, from Schott AG factory in Germany. They are lightweight, thin mirrors and their cooling time is fast. Only the world's best grinding, polishing and figuring materials are used for making these mirrors.
The telescopes Sky Observing offers are the most popular type of telescopes used among the amateur astronomers, so called Dobsonian reflectors, which in fact is Newtonian reflector type telescope mounted on Dobsonian base (named after its inventor – one of the most famous amateur astronomers John Dobson). Only the best materials and components are used for building of these telescopes. The telescopes are mechanically and optically excellent. Or, if you already have your own mirror, then order only the telescope structure without the primary mirror.
You can test the mirrors and the telescopes before making any decision. I will be happy to demonstrate to you how good they are.


If you are not satisfied with the mirror or the telescope you have purchased because of any reason, return the product within 30 days of your purchase in original condition, and Sky Observing will return your money. No question will be asked. When shopping for a big Dobsonian telescope, always check the website of manufacturers or sellers what they say (if they say anything at all) about their customer satisfaction. Call and ask them whether you can return the product if you are not satisfied with the mirror or the whole telescope.
My goal is not just to sell you the mirror or telescope you choose. I want your mirror or telescope to serve you as good as possible and for a long time and to stay in good condition. That means I will not leave you alone after the purchase. For all questions and problems you have in the future about the product and everything else you can contact me and I will be glad to help. When designing and constructing the telescopes my goal was telescopes to be made from parts which will be simple, easily available, easy to make and easy to replace. That is why I avoided using complex and expensive parts available from suppliers from abroad and use my own parts. Cheaper, simpler, available, easy to replace if servicing is needed in the future and no waiting for months for part to arrive from the supplier abroad and with inflated price ten times higher than its real price should be. That is one more reason to choose Sky Observing mirrors and telescopes.


The mirrors and telescopes have one year warranty on all of its parts, regardless the parts are made by Sky Observing or outside suppliers. Warranty also applies on the primary and secondary mirror coatings, even I do not apply coatings, I will take the responsibility in case you are not satisfied with the coatings. Make sure to keep the mirrors in clean condition. Damaged coatings caused by corrosion from fingerprints left on the mirrors surface for prolonged time will not be accepted. It is known that fingerprints contain body oil which will corrode the aluminum coatings if left uncleaned for more than one month or so. I recommend mirrors to be inspected for fingerprints, dried dew drops and other dirty spots caused by insects and all dirty spots if to be cleaned locally within one week without removing the mirror from the telescope.


Do not look at the Sun with naked eye or through any telescope, big or small. Always use proper sun filter. Also do not look at the Moon with Sky Observing telescopes because the Moon is very bright object given the size of the primary mirrors. Use proper Moon filter. Do not forget if you look at the Sun with a telescope with proper sun filter, you must install sun filter on your finderscope too! It is easy to forget after installing the sun filter on your telescope and just start looking through the finderscope to find the sun. Do not forget to install proper sun filter on your finderscope too.
During daytime, do not leave your Dobsonian telescope aimed close or right towards the Sun. If happen your telescope to be without the light shroud installed, the focused sun light reflected from the primary mirror can hit the eyes or other body parts of people who stand around the telescope. The focused light from the primary mirror have enormous amount of energy and permanent eye damage will occur (think how you can set on fire paper with sun light focused on the paper with small magnifier - and the primary mirror has 500 times larger light collecting area than the small magnifier has). Do not forget - primary mirror has the same function as lens has - to focus the light from the object in one very small spot - after light hits the mirror it is reflected back in one small spot.
Always at daytime park the telescope aimed at opposite side of the Sun for security. And never leave it unattended. Somebody who passes by the scope and has no observing knowledge can aim it at the Sun or the Moon to have a look and damage his or her eyes.