Everyone who wants to attend the observing events needs to register first. You can call by phone or you can send an email. If I am not able to answer the call please leave your name and phone number so I can call you back as soon as possible. You need to inform me about the type of the observing event you want to attend, and they are ''Daytime Sun and planets observing from city locations'', ''Evening Moon and planets observing from city locations'', ''Evening observing from dark locations outside of the city'' and if it is announced any "Special event observing" and approximately when you want to attend it, and also how many people will come with you. 
                Also check THIS MONTH: OBSERVING SCHEDULE AND WHAT IS VISIBLE ON THE SKY" to see for each day which objects are in good position in the sky for observing and also to check for each day what type of observing is possible. Please note that the schedule is pretty flexible as you can see that if you browse through it. That means for example, if you want to see particular planet, that planet usually can be seen over a longer period of time, lets say over a two months' period, so you have enough time to plan ahead when to come even if you have busy personal schedule. I will always stress out in the schedule if the time window is short for observing particular planet or other celestial object, so you will know that.
                Kids are always free for any type of observing. As soon as I have several people or families registered for particular type of observing I will form a small group and we can decide about the approximate date and location where the observing event will be held and I will schedule the observing event. Groups of people will be formed depending on their residence, so that in one particular group to be only people from particular area. This means that the observing event will be held at location which is closest to that group of people. For now I have two locations for observing, one in Scarborough, to serve the public from the east parts of the GTA and another in Brampton to serve the public from the west parts of the GTA.
                If you cannot come on the scheduled observing event, please call me and I will move you for the next available event you wish to come, so I can fill up your place with someone else who wants and is able to come to attend that event. Also please note that my advice is to register and come even during the weekdays. Maybe you prefer to come during the weekend, but maybe next two or three weekends will be cloudy, and after that long period of time the planet or something particular you want to see on the sky maybe will not be visible any more until the next year.
                Sometimes, when I will hold observing with a group of people at particular location, and still there is place for several more people to attend the event I will announce in advance on the website and also on my facebook page that several more spots are available for the event, so you can call me to make sure and you can come to attend the observing event.
                If sometimes you see on "TODAY: OBSERVING EVENTS" that nothing is announced, that does not mean that there are no any observing events for that day. That means that the groups of people are already formed for that day or evening and there are no any more free spots left for that observing events.
                For schools:
                The school's principal can contact me to inform me that the students from that school want Sky Observing to visit the school, so we can arrange the details about the observing event. Please decide which observing event – Sun and planets observing (daytime in the afternoon) or Moon and planets observing (in the early evening) with some of the brightest deep-sky celestial objects if they are visible from the school's location and if the school's location is dark enough those deep-sky celestial objects to be seen.