At the observing events, your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can be assured that I will give maximum in order you and your family to enjoy at the observing events you are planning to attend. The proof for that are thousands of hours I have spent making mirrors and building telescopes, and thousands of hours I have spent observing the sky, daytime and at night. However, if you are not satisfied, because of any reason, just let me know and I will return your money. No questions will be asked.

               Please note: sometimes the weather will ruin the observing event – clouds can cover the sky. I will try the observing events to take place only if the weather forecast says with great probability that the sky will be clear. Also sometimes during the summer evenings the percentage of the moisture in the air can be very high and can ruin the observing – images we will see in the telescope will be of poor quality. If any of these situations occur at the observing events I will return your money, so you will attend and enjoy the rest of the observing event for free.

               If you are satisfied with the observing events please tell your relatives and friends and recommend Sky Observing and its observing events. New attendants at the future events means more business for me, but this also means that I can realize my future plans. That in return will give you more enjoyment at the next observing events you decide to attend in the future.